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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Power of a Praying Son

   So.... Its been a really long time since I've written a new blog. Not that I haven't had ideas stirring in my head and said to myself, "Self, you should totally blog about that!"
   Anyways, I wanted to share the SWEETEST story about my son. After school the other day, Michael's teacher called me. She wanted to share with me what happened in class that day. During the morning, Michael raised his hand and shared with his teacher what happened to his sister Mariyah. She was sledding and hit a tree, so she fractured her elbow. They talked about how scared mom & dad must've been and how sad Mariyah probably was. Then, he asked his teacher if she would pray for Mariyah to get better. She said she was so honored that he would ask her to pray and that it was so nice of him to think of his sister. She told him of course she would! So later on in the day, his teacher was reading poems and stories to the kids and Michael raised his hand again. This time he asked, "Are we gonna pray for my sister now?" You see, when we go to church and someone asks for prayer, we pray for them right there. Sometimes, we wait and pray all together for that person depending on the nature of the prayer needed. Michael must have assumed she was going to have the class pray together. Sadly, she had to explain that she couldn't lead the class in prayer but that she herself will pray for Mariyah tonight. She also asked the other kids, if any of them were praying people, could they pray for Mariyah too. We really have been blessed with Michael's teacher this year. She is just awesome and I'm so ecstatic that she isn't afraid to say words like "God" and "prayer" in the middle of class. I really wish he could have her every year. She is just an awesome, very caring teacher and she's so sensitive to the needs of each and every kid in her class.  
   What an awesome kid I have! This is one of those moments where you realize that even after all the tears and time-outs, our kids are really great little people and they DO listen. We must be doing SOMETHING right. After I hung up with her, I gave my son the biggest hug and kiss and told him how thoughtful and kind it was for him to think of his big sister.