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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home Made Dryer Sheets

For a few months now, we've been using our home made dryer sheets. I've still got many more uses left out of them but thought I'd share the "recipe". It's really really really easy. Like you won't even need pictures. Plus I don't have any lol!

You need how ever many old washcloths or towels you can part with. I found about 5 washcloths and 2-3 small hand towels that had been stained or ripped. You will also need a small bucket like sand pail size or bowl. Lastly, your favorite FABRIC SOFTENER. I used downy lavendar scent.

Cut your washcloths in half and cut your towels into a similar size. Put them all into your bucket. Pour the fabric softner on top of them making sure they are all covered and soaking. You may need to save some strips to soak later if you don't have enough room in the bucket. Let them soak overnight. Grab a strip, wring it out and hang it to dry. Make sure you put newspaper under them to catch any drips if you need to protect your flooring. If you have dry ones left over then you can soak them now and repeat the process. Once they are dry (ours took overnight), you can stack them up and just toss one or two into your dryer load. You can reuse them several times. My cousin said about 30 times each which sounds about right but I haven't been keeping track. Just make sure you find them when you are folding and replace them on the bottom of your stack. You can resoak/reuse these until they fall apart. One small bottle of softener has lasted us about 3-4 months and we still have hundreds more uses left. Oh and if you wash one like I did once, no worries. Just resoak it. Mine actually still had some power left in it so I didn't need to do anything.

I've tried an even cheaper option. You can actually make your own fabric softener using conditioner vinegar and water. Then, use that in place of downy or whatever you use. I personally didn't like the home made softener but we used really cheap conditioner and it was too flowery for me. I'll stick to my lavendar downy!

Happy home-made dryer sheet making!!

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