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Monday, March 12, 2012

Candle Magic...

   Saturday was a busy day for Pinterest projects. Besides playdoh we also made personalized candles. This was prob easier than the playdoh to start with but ended up being quite tricky. You will need: 1 white pillar candle, white tissue paper, scissors, craft paint and markers, wax paper and a hair dryer or embossing gun. 
   Next time we make these, I'm going to try it with a colored pillar candle for a background effect. For this project we used sparkly tissue paper and it came out pretty cool. 
How to do it: Cut a piece of tissue paper that is the same size as the pillar candle when wrapped around it. Then using your markers and paints, you can create any panoramic design you like. We put a paper bag underneath the tissue paper before we started which ended up sticking to and ripping our artwork. Wax paper worked best. You can also make cute little flowers with your finger tips (tip from Pinterest). Once you are happy with your picture let it dry. Now comes the tricky part... wrap your tissue design around your pillar. Take a piece of wax paper and wrap that around the tissue. While holding the wax paper with one hand, use your hair dryer on high heat to  stick the tissue to the wax paper. This will take some time and patience. I ended up wearing an oven mitt to protect my hand from the heat. While heating up the candle, move the hair dryer back and forth in a slow motion so you don't concentrate on one spot too long. You will start to see the tissue merging into the candle. You will need to move your wax paper around the candle to be able to "melt" all of the tissue. Once finished, remove and discard the wax paper and VOILA!! 
(This pic from www.cometogetherkids.com)
   This was the one I did. You can see I didn't do a good job measuring the tissue so once it was done I used a box cutter to remove the excess tissue at the top. Notice the sparkles that were in the tissue paper. I thought the paint would scratch off but it doesn't unless you really are trying to scratch it off.

Have fun with this one!! 


  1. Those are really cute! Do you HAVE to have a embossing gun to make them?

    1. No it's just another option. It prob works quicker but I don't have one. We used a hair dryer. Worked just fine. But I wore an oven mitt bc after the 3rd or 4th candle, the air was a little hot lol!