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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cappuccino gone wrong

Pinterest strikes again! I need more energy, plain and simple. Everyone says coffee but it's repulsive to me. I even plug my nose in the coffee aisle lol! I found a recipe for home made cappuccino which I do love! Odd right? Tell me about it. So after work last night (about 9:30 pm) I went over to Pittsford Wegmans which is massive chaos at any other time of day. I got all the ingredients I needed and drove home to concoct my creation. After I had everything all together, I microwaved some water and put 3-4 heaping tablespoons of my mix into the water. I stirred and stirred. When I took my spoon out, it was full of coffee grounds. It suddenly occurred to me that while I knew I had to get instant coffee I had actually purchased coffee that you would brew. Yuck! So there's a whole batch of this stuff sitting on my counter bc I'm trying to figure out if I can strain out the coffee or put it through a coffee maker. Or maybe it's just a total loss. Lesson learned: never buy coffee alone unless you know what your doing. Man was that a dumb move. At least I could laugh last night. It was really quite funny! Well at least now I have coffee for when my mother in law comes over. She has a stash in my cupboard with all the supplies lol! I DO have a coffee maker though! It only brews 4 cups at a time. (It's for company what do you want from me?! LOL) Happy wacky Wednesday!
Update: I tried to put it thru the coffee maker. One, it was really watery. Two, I had to add a lot more creamer to make it drinkable. All in all, it wasn't bad per say. Just not to my tasting as it had too much coffee flavor in it. Looks like I'm going back to get INSTANT coffee...

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