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Monday, March 5, 2012


November 17, 2010
Today we had a visit from John Drew aka pretty much a jerk. He has always ripped us apart when he comes in. nothing is how it should be and everything is wrong. no matter how long we prep the store and clean and straighten he is just never satisfied. however, today he was very nice or just in an amazing mood. he said the store looked great and we seemed to have finally "got it". he said we should be proud that we've come a long way. its all true we really did bust our butts the past week. staying late till 12:30 or 1:30 just to get it all done. lucky for me wendy let me go home after he left. i was exhausted and i really missed my kids. its nice to enjoy spending time with them again. 
on another note ive been trying to remove the tv from the kids lives. pastor k. mentioned that he felt like it brainwashed ppl and i kinda thought the same thing after he said it. it made sense. kids see violence even in cartoons and being mean to ppl and treating others wrongly. sometimes even curse words. all michael wants to do is watch cartoons all day. he has a million toys and he wants tv. ill admit the tv is very convenient when i need the kids to wind down or be quiet. its an attention machine. and im sure pastor was correct saying it causes ADD. sunday night michael was not in the mood to go to church. it would've ended badly. so i stayed home with him. on one condition….no tv. he wasn't happy but we ended up painting a few pictures, cleaning up, playing a few board games and having a good time. i told him we could finish up the night eating popcorn and watching the wizard of oz. it was a lot of fun. the next morning he woke up asking to play board games instead of watch cartoons. so now as a general rule he may watch 30 minutes of tv and thats all. if he watches a movie before bedtime thats ok for now. but im hoping to phase that out too with music or something… most of the families in church do not have tvs in their home much less a tv in every single bedroom as well. hopefully michael is on board too. we both are trying to get our family to be more aligned with Christ and our church. i know we will accomplish it bc we have Gods blessing. michael is playing with playdoh right now. he watched cartoons for 30 mins and i said ok tv off, now lets play playdoh. of course he was all about it. 
last night i saw on Facebook that cheryl posted something about her daughter Mia. the doctors thought she had signs of lyme disease. she was asking for prayers. of course i prayed for her last night and today. i saw on Facebook this morning that Mia was cleared of Lyme disease. she has a bad sickness instead. but it will pass. either way thats better than Lyme. thats is just proof of Gods miracle of healing. he is so amazing.

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