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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rain is pretty...

February 23, 2012
Today I am so thankful for Gods chosen path for me. I feel like He has always been pushing me and screaming my name to come to Him but I was just too stubborn to listen. He never gave up though. Even when I chose the wrong path, He still made sure there was an exit that I could get off at whenever I was ready to listen. My life was just a mess and sometimes I wonder if i really would be dead right now if I had stayed on that path. I don't know how I made it home sometimes. I would go out and drink with my friends and seriously drive home very much drunk and yet i would make it home. I would work a 13 hour day and drive all the way from Greece to Hilton and make it home despite falling asleep at the wheel a couple times (on more than one occasion). Why did he chose to save me? Why me, why am I so special? I haven't done anything significant in my life to glorify him and warrant such a saving grace. Yet He never gave up on me. He didn't take no for an answer. He made sure I met and kept in touch with Jessi, Cheryl and my husband. Those people have played a very significant role in my path towards God. And bc I'm so stubborn He had to bring me all the way down to the worst (or at least it was to me) time of my life. It took a lot of hard times and sorrow for me to listen and give up on doing things my way. 
I am so lucky to be part of a church full of amazing and beautiful women, inside and out. I remember one of the first women's get togethers. I knew no one. I felt awkward and out of place and I just didn't fit in. I was stuck to a seat and I wasn't trying to mingle or move. Then this really nice woman named SN came to sit next to me and she didn't move either. She talked to me the whole time and made me feel so much more comfortable. she got to know me and made sure I was included in the conversations at the table. The rest of the women at our table did too. That was so special to me. So many of the mothers at our church have helped make me what I am and its bc of their love for Christ and what He is doing thru them. CS showed me what it's like to have a solid lasting marriage. CC showed me what an amazing wife is. SA has great mothering skills. Sis MS has the energy of a power plant, seriously I don't know how she does it. She is so giving and sweet, that she showed me her paperwork for homeschooling and gave me so much information and support and encouragement. CN showed me how important is to your marriage to be able to laugh with your husband. Sis CS showed me how to be a well put together lady of the house. She's so feminine in a house full of boys. She too was very giving with information on homeschooling. Ch gave me the biggest shove to homeschool. She homeschools her kids and works. That takes tremendous strength and patience. P.T. always has a smile on her face and she always takes time to say hi to my family. She is just so happy that its impossible not to sponge off of her. I could say wonderful things about every woman I've gotten to know. And I could say all these things about each of the women I've mentioned. They are all amazing moms and wives and there are hundreds more just like them in my church.
yesterday when I was on my lunch break, I went to mcdonalds. normally there are mass amounts of kids there between 12pm-1pm but this day was exceptional bc its february recess. so multiply the kids times a gajillion. I've never seen so many chicken nuggets and happy meal boxes in one place in my life. being that it was my lunch break, I wanted a little bit of peace and quiet. I chose to sit in the window area and watch traffic. It started to rain which normally makes me think of mud and dirt ~ mess! But since I was trying to relax, I think I saw it in a different light. The rain was so pretty. It was just coming out of the sky and hitting the windows, rolling down, so clean and just beautiful. I was just thinking about what an amazing creation it was. How can science explain that? "Rain gets absorbed into the clouds and then when certain hot or cold fronts blow against them, the rain descends from the clouds" or something like that. LAME! God made it! It rains when God says it needs to rain and thats how it happens! I'm done trying to explain things scientifically to the kids. Trees grow because God made them for birds, squirrels and other animals to live in and be safe in. It also creates shade for us when its hot. Back to the story, the rain was so pretty and I was glad to have enjoyed it on my lunch break. Thank you Jesus for your beautiful creation! xoxo


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